Bodhtree amongst Top 20 Most Promising Business Intelligence Solution Providers in India


Bodhtree has been chosen as one among the Top 20 Most Promising Business Intelligence Solution Provider in India by the prestigious CIO Review Magazine. This acknowledgment bears witness to our dedication towards reinforcing our BI and Analytics rehearse and increasing upper hand.

CIO Review is an technology innovation magazine that shows creative venture arrangements created by developing organizations over the globe. It brings point by point profiles of a portion of the best contenders in the BI business that help ventures embrace information investigation to eventually fuel their business development. A recognized board containing achieved Indian CEOs and CIOs of open organizations, VCs, Analysts, Founders of other VC financed organizations and CIO Review’s article board on the whole select and shortlist the main 20 arrangement suppliers.

2017 List: Top 20 Most Promising Business Intelligence Solution Providers in India

Bodhtree’s profile on CIO Review: Streamlining Key Business Processes via Cloud, Analytics and Digital Deliverables

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Cloud adoption to increase by 50% by 2020

Cloud Adoption, Cloud ServicesThe majority of public cloud deployments are generally used for web servers or development systems where security and compliance requirements of larger organizations and their customers is not an issue. Private cloud computing, on the other hand, by definition is a single-tenant environment where the hardware, storage and network are dedicated to a single client or company. (more…)

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Comprehensive and smart integration strategy allows companies to unlock the potential value of their cloud investments

Cloud-Application-IntegratiCloud computing is a vision that is increasingly turning to reality for many companies. Enterprises, both small and big, are evaluating cloud computing and, in increasing numbers, are moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud. As a matter of fact 91%1 of IT organizations allocate at least some portion of their budget to the cloud as they continue to focus on service responsiveness and cost flexibility. (more…)

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Reduce costs and risks for Data Migrations

Data Migration“Migrations represent 60% of all large enterprise IT projects, and only 60% are completed on time,” according to IDC. Meanwhile, nearly half of enterprise IT budgets are devoted to operating costs, per a recent research study. Organizations need to accelerate innovation and reduce operating expenses to increase their competitiveness or maintain their current market position. (more…)

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