Bodhtree featured in Channel World Fast track as a fast growing company

Bodhtree Consulting

By Radhika Nallayam Wed, Apr 14, 2010

Sanjiv Gupta, Chairman &Founder, says that data management continues to be one of his biggest focus areas

For Sanjiv Gupta, founder and Chairman of Bodhtree Consulting, there was never a question of what business to start? His biggest inspiration was right at home. His brother was none other than Dr Rajiv Gupta who co-invented HP’s E-speak project in 1999. The latter is also recognized as a pioneer of Web services and SOA. The idea of Bodhtree surfaced in 1999 when I realized the potential of Web services courtesy my brother. We started the business as SI partners for HP E-speak and did a lot of things on Web services subsequently, recalls Sanjiv Gupta.

Within a couple of years, Bodhtree diversified its business into more areas and started focusing on the concept of enterprise IT solutions. Bodhtree today proudly owns expertise across multiple areas like technology incubation, product engineering, business intelligence, data management, SOA consulting, CRM consulting, analytics, Data Warehousing and more. These unique skills help the company in achieving its mission of building a business-oriented IT environment? for its customers.

Today, one of the biggest focus areas for Bodhtree is data management and its related opportunities. The company is also betting big on data cleansing market with its Multi Industry Data Anomaly Solution (MIDAS). After the launch of this SAP certified solution, the company has been witnessing significant growth in its top lines. As part of its effort to further enhance its MIDAS, Bodhtree had an ISV tie-up with Red Hat a year ago and also bagged some major deals including that of the pharma major Dr. Reddy’s.

Raghavan Madabhushi, Head – SOA & DW, Bodhtree says, Our CRM consulting services on and Oracle’s CRM On Demand are growing businesses. We also provide consulting services to our enterprise customers and help them form their IT strategy on the cloud environment. We have a dedicated Center of Excellence for SaaS and Cloud computing targeted for SMEs to help them migrate from a traditional brick and mortar business model to the Web. We are seeing tremendous acceptance for all these. Bodhtree is all set to take such initiatives to new heights and reap the benefits in the coming fiscal.

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