Marketing cloud – seamless stream of communication with clients and prospects

marketing-cloudMarketing has entered the age of customer, where customers have more choices, and power than ever before. With rise of the connected consumer and the importance of search and social media in their decision making, the traditional path to purchase has been eliminated. It became much more difficult in getting customers from “seeing products” to “buy products” since its taking place on many channels. Including blogs, social media, search engines and digital ads.

Today 80 per cent of data is unstructured and largely invisible to computers. In coming years, it is clear that marketers need to embrace new approaches that allow them to understand and learn from it to drive customer loyalty and build advocacy.  Recent state of marketing report by Salesforce also states that high- performing marketing teams have shifted their mindset and tactics from marketing at customers, to focusing on connecting every touch point into a cohesive customer journey. Here are five tips, based on survey by Salesforce of nearly 4000 marketing leaders worldwide, that you can use to drive a more effective-marketing team.

  • Adopting customer journey strategy - successful marketers are connecting with customers in new ways across mobile, email, social and the web. As per the survey results 73% say that a customer journey strategy has positively impacted overall customer engagement — the second biggest priority for marketers this year.
  • Lead the customer experience across your business – customers need one experience whether sales, marketing or service. Prominence to customer experience will bridge the gap between marketing, sales and service.
  • Leveraging smart marketing tech - to keep pace with the dynamic marketing industry and support smart communications, top teams are likely to spend more on tools and technologies, form marketing automation to predictive intelligence.
  • Mobile tactics to engage customers – As the mobile app usage is growing majority of marketers are now using mobile platform to engage customers (such as SMS & mobile apps). Marketers to look at customization and personalization for creating optimized mobile marketing strategy to give your brand an edge over the competition.
  • Advertising accelerates on social platforms – marketers are increasing their budgets for advertising on social platforms, making it the third largest area for investment. As per the survey 83% of top teams use customer data (e.g., email or phone data) to segment or target ads.

Marketing Cloud – one platform to integrate social data

The explosion of social networks has been a mixed blessing for many businesses. There’s much more information available on customers and audiences than ever before, but until now, harnessing it has been a daunting challenge. Since conversations are scattered across multiple networks – with separate tools for social listening, advertising, campaign management, and analytics – measurement and responses are often fragmented in different systems. Without creating a customized system to tie them all together (like Marketing Cloud now provides), businesses are often left with more data stuck in more silos. This separation creates an inability to truly capitalize on the full potential of social. No wonder so many businesses still struggle to find an ROI for deep investments into social media.

Now, with Marketing Cloud, one platform integrates all social programs and data. It sounds so simple, but the implications are powerful. Businesses that bring all their data together can create a seamless stream of communication with clients and prospects. This allows for engagement on multiple channels, capturing and coordinating information about clients and prospects, and continuing the conversation with better targeted messages. All of these steps drive deeper connections with an audience.

 In a world where CMOs often talk about closing the loop on marketing campaigns, this is the breakthrough that can actually tighten that loop. Suddenly marketers can track all results in one dashboard, adapt campaigns in real time, and use the audience data to create new campaigns that more closely match customers’ desires and expectations. After all, there’s no better source of customer truth than the customers themselves.

To meet customer needs marketers need to incorporate more sophisticated tools into their overall social media efforts to engage with their followers in a personalized way.

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