Event on How to Leverage Cloud Computing for the Pharma & Heathcare industries

Welcome to Cloud: The Future of Enterprise Computing for Life Sciences Organizations, an event by Bodhtree and Salesforce.com at Taj Krishna, Hyderabad, December 21st 2010.

In Today’s Lifesciences eco-system, Pharmaceutical and healthcare businesses are playing a dominant role in adapting to rising changes both technology and innovation. But talking about the innovation, in today’s context, technology defines your innovation and improves your core business. (more…)

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Healthcare – Data and Spend Management

What we generally see as laymen when we walk into a hospital is a reception, pharmacy, a few rooms with patients and some people walking around in white coats called doctors and nurses. Did we ever imagine what goes into maintaining this hospital and making sure the doctors are able to serve the patients coming in on a regular basis? I can say that the answer is no? with out any hesitation. (more…)

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Bodhtree Taps MENA region healthcare market

Hyderabad March 29, 2010 Bodhtree Consulting Ltd, (www.bodhtree.com) an IT Services Innovator, Data Management and Integration Company announced its entry into the Middle East and North African Healthcare Market to expand its global data cleansing services business. The Middle East Healthcare Sector is estimated to be worth US$60 billion by 2025 as the need for investment in facilities and services is growing at a rapid pace. (more…)

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