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TeleTree a collaborative e-learning helpdesk

The TeleTree collaborative e-learning helpdesk increases user productivity, reduces the strain on IT, and substantially decreases the cost of application support. For most enterprises, the largest portion of a support budget is consumed by redundant issues that demand the time of engineers and subject matter experts. TeleTree alleviates that burden through a centralized e-learning support platform that promotes user-generated content, fully leverages video and media assets, and delivers contextual help.


Key Benefits

  • While social models have proven superior to traditional top-down information approaches, many enterprises have yet to leverage the full power of these tools for support. TeleTree channels the collective insights of a corporate user base toward faster issue resolution and improved employee productivity.

    A user who discovers a useful solution can quickly create and post a brief video demo explaining the approach. A progressive recognition model encourages user contributions and highlights the best content.
  • Context Matters

    TeleTree delivers contextual support based on a user's current activity, avoiding the need for keyword searches. If a user later must submit a trouble ticket, this contextual data is automatically populated on forms to immediately route the case to the right support team. It is common for TeleTree customers to see average case resolution times drop by more than 50% since personnel no longer need to spend extensive time clarifying support problems.
  • One Solution, Countless Benefits

    TeleTree's real value is enablement. The platform helps companies fully leverage the knowledge of users, support teams, and databases they already have. Social video sharing capabilities combined with contextual analytics instantly deliver the best answers for support and e-learning.

    TeleTree's goal is to ensure your company never needs to solve the same problem twice.


  • Single, self-service platform
    TeleTree unifies the enterprise helpdesk on a single, self-service platform that aggregates existing resources and enables users to generate new media content.
  • Upload documents
    Employees can record video demos, upload documents and rate the quality of other help resources.
  • Improves responses
    This intelligent support system continually improves responses based on user feedback and application analytics.
  • Simplifies the training process
    For new employees, TeleTree simplifies the training process with single-point access to extensive video instruction. These users can follow pre-designed training tracks or drill down on specific topics of interest.
  • Flexible
    Web and mobile access enable maximum flexibility for
    learning on the go.