The new era of Cloud Computing

In 1995 “Internet” was the new Buzz word in the business world. Some predicted it would not work, some thought it would; it did and today it is the basis for all kinds of business. So much so that nothing can work with out internet.

With the World Wide Web evolving, web 2.0 and web 3.0 have come into picture. Whats their use What did they get along and what do they have to offer Commom questions indeed. The answer is “Cloud Computing“! Social Media marketing is the new trend companies have been adopting and still are. But during this evolutin, another one creeped up alongside. The companies that use platforms like twitter and facebook for online marketing are now coming up with their own platforms of collaboration.

One such example is Salesforce which introduced “Chatter” on their platform. Chatter is a revolutionary way for companies to collaborate. It is a combination of facebook and twitter. This is one revolutionary trend thats going to hit the corporate world very soon. SAP EcoHub is another such example. These are online business communities for collaboration and mutual business benefits. this shows that B2B more works with cooperation than competition. Companies like Salesforce have introduced Chatter for their CRM users to also connect their employees internally on this cloud. More over, it also provides its CRM service on the cloud!

Cloud Computing is definitely a huge sigh of relief in this time when we are just climbing out of recession. Great concept that has huge potential for wider acceptance. As the current generation grows with facebook and twitter, its logical for them to expect similar tools in their workplace.

Its time for us to have cloud economics. Economists should take a look at them seriously. As internet, cloud concept is going to stay and change the way we do business. When businesses succeed they create large trade areas and when trade happens its going to impact economies.

With more and more companies adopting to the Cloud Computing model, Bodhtree’s vision for the SaaS and cloud computing Center of Excellence is to quickly apply the emerging standards, tools and technology and demonstrate the virtualization of services and processes in the new world so that companies can embrace its dedicated CoE for cloud computing and SaaS.

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