Bodhtree Taps MENA region healthcare market

Hyderabad March 29, 2010 Bodhtree Consulting Ltd, ( an IT Services Innovator, Data Management and Integration Company announced its entry into the Middle East and North African Healthcare Market to expand its global data cleansing services business. The Middle East Healthcare Sector is estimated to be worth US$60 billion by 2025 as the need for investment in facilities and services is growing at a rapid pace.

Making the announcement Sanjiv Gupta, Chairman of Bodhtree Consulting said, with its population aspiring to have access to quality healthcare, MENA is a very exciting market for us and we are committed to establish our MIDAS solution in the region. Our target is to emerge as a global healthcare data cleansing service provider. MIDAS adoptions in Global regions like APAC, US and in Europe have been encouraging and we hope to consolidate this growth with addition of these new markets.

MIDAS offers data cleansing, standardization, categorization of healthcare data and has a formidable brand presence across the globe and our specialized portfolio of healthcare services like contract management systems; spend management, revenue management and data integration and data analytics will reach out to healthcare organizations in MENA region.

Bodhtree currently provides services to over 300 clients that represent major clients from healthcare and Lifesciences. MIDAS is deployed by many Fortune 250 and Forbes 200 clients for their Data Management Services, Spend Management Services and Business Intelligence Solutions.

There is growing need for best in class data cleansing and healthcare services in MENA region. We are confident our success rate of MIDAS deployment in other countries will help us grow our business in the region and address these markets requirement of constant optimization attention and innovation successfully. Head of SOA-DW of Bodhtree, Raghavan VSR Madabhushi said.

The MENA healthcare sector seems to be very promising and is poised for rapid growth in coming years.

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