Event on How to Leverage Cloud Computing for the Pharma & Heathcare industries

Welcome to Cloud: The Future of Enterprise Computing for Life Sciences Organizations, an event by Bodhtree and Salesforce.com at Taj Krishna, Hyderabad, December 21st 2010.

In Today’s Lifesciences eco-system, Pharmaceutical and healthcare businesses are playing a dominant role in adapting to rising changes both technology and innovation. But talking about the innovation, in today’s context, technology defines your innovation and improves your core business.

Pharmaceutical industry is facing relentless challenges and change is a norm for pharmaceutical business and healthcare on the other side are concerned about the increasing demands from patients. Despite critical need and high demand for pharmaceutical products, the industry remains under pressure from physician, payers and regulators to deliver more effective treatment at lower cost.

Pharmaceutical business model based on development and marketing of blockbuster drugs, is increasingly economically unsustainable and operationally unsuited to the kind of quick action needed to meet complex stakeholder’s demands.

What are the immediate focus areas for Life Sciences? How do cloud computing helps growth opportunities and inherent in change

To address the critical problems of both Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry, Bodhtree along with Salesforce.com is organizing first of its kind Life Sciences specific event in Hyderabad.

The event will feature benefits of Cloud computing for Life Sciences organizations and talks elaborately on Pharma and healthcare takes to the Cloud; it answers some of the critical questions like….

How do you eliminate manual processes? How do you roll out business applications in two weeks?

How do you integrate global sales on a single platform? How do you plan sales forecasting?

Mr.Raghavan VSR Madabhushi, Vice President, at Bodhtree will articulate the future of enterprise computing for Life Sciences customers , while Mr.Vivek Gupta, Director , Salesforce will run down the benefits of Cloud computing to re-engineer sales and marketing.

Top notch ‘c’ level executives from both Pharmaceutical and Healthcare will be attending this event to get the insights, experience and share knowledge about the Salesforce CRM Cloud computing for their businesses.

Come experience the cloud ideas and hear business leaders explain how world-class pharmaceutical c and Healthcare Companies are leveraging cloud computing to increase productivity and improve profitability.

Learn innovative strategies about Salesforce CRM and Force.com to move from vision to reality to impact key performance in Lifesciences organization like improving on your formulations sales, enhanced successes in API sales, efficient collaboration with business partners and custom application development at 5 times the speed and ½ the cost.

Looking forward to meet you at the event.

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