Dreamforce 2011 Notes: Social Enterprise and Social collaboration the new buzz words at Dreamforce 2011.

That’s a wrap on another wild Dreamforce, Over 45,000 attendees, presence of top notch global business leaders, hundreds of sessions, multiple booths and plenty of parties. Every year gets a little crazier.

Our US and Indian Leadership teams has made a strong presence at Dreamforce 2011, Bodhtree once again demonstrated its SFDC cloud based accelerators and shared its success stories on the implementation of Salesforce.com to varied business verticals.

At the Dreamforce 2011, Salesforce.com unveiled its social enterprise innovation as an emerging platform and major business driver for salesforce.com users. Bodhtree is overwhelmed with this new Social Enterprise innovation and will be part of this social revolution, so that it brings benefits of Social Enterprise for its global customers. The highlights of Dreamforce are Radian6 acquisition by Salesforce.com, in a true sense it’s working towards creating a new marketing cloud. Radian 6 integrates Salesforce CRM so that users track, what customers say on Twitter, Facebook, blogs and communities and enables companies to listen, monitor and analyze social networks. Radian6 is now integrated into Salesforce, so companies can respond to and engage with customers via various social channels. That information can also be added to the customer’s social profile.

The days of painful, never-ending integration projects are gone forever by leveraging the latest cloud technology to build and deploy integration between Salesforce and Cloud Communications.

Successful cloud integration projects require an understanding and collaboration between both IT and business users, to fully understand the business process requirements and considerations as well as technological challenges.

Bodhtree is a recognized and most successful implementing partner of Salesforce.com. We have developed and delivered many successful enterprise scale salesforce.com based solutions helping our clients accelerate the full potential of cloud computing to meet emerging business and technology challenges driving significant value.

Bodhtree provides a viable business model and it can help your organization achieve high performance, and learn how through our Cloud and SaaS solutions will bring greater benefits. Our participation at Dreamforce is a great platform to showcase our success to US customers and strengthen our alliance with Salesforce .com, so that we may scale to new heights as global systems integrator.

Salesforce has strategically introduced “the social enterprise,” a new direction that changes the way companies collaborate, communicate and share information with customers and employees in the cloud. A social enterprise is a combination of social, mobile and open cloud computing. According to salesforce, social enterprises build social profiles or customers, and it creates internal social networks and listens to and engages with customers over the internet.

Social Revolution, what it means to new age enterprise.

The conference kicked off with master showman and CEO Mark Benioff reinforcing the benefits of the technology Cloud in his keynote remarks in front of 15,000 attendees – plus another 35,000 people watching online.

Benioff’s keynote speech revealed the company’s new strategy for incorporating social media into business processes, something he calls “the social enterprise.”

“There is a social revolution happening that is creating what we refer to as the great social divide,” noted Benioff. “Your customers and employees are using social media channels but companies are not.”

“Facebook is eating the web and mobile apps are used more than web browsers to access the Internet, yet companies are not following suit,” declared Benioff, offering a warning to company CEOs who are not embracing social networking. “Just as we have seen an Arab Spring in overthrowing the dictators, so shall we see a Corporate Spring in companies that will be tossing out executives who do not bridge the social divide.”

Responding to this problem, Benioff offered up a three-step plan for how Salesforce is investing based on the best practices of their customers who are innovating on their platform.

“We’ve modeled our best customers and here’s what they are doing: One, they are creating a social networking database of their customers, capturing their social profiles from the big three networks so they can better personalize their products and service delivery. Second, they are creating their own internal social networks to facilitate the sharing of information and collaboration among employees. Third, they are then creating their own social networks for their companies, products and services to better promote their brands.”

To enable all of that, Salesforce has created a new suite of integrated products that were truly impressive and showcased how social media information about your customers can be integrated into product and service models. These demonstrations were also impressive to Wall Street as shares of Salesforce rose 3% upon these announcements.

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