Bodhtree and Organized “Cloudforce 2011 CRM essentials”at Hyderabad servicesSalesforce Partner India

Cloudforce 2011 event by Salesforce and Bodhtree was a huge success with 85+executives from 60 +unique organizations at Taj Krishna, Hyderabad. It has been a busy time for Bodhtree Consulting within the Cloud force eco-system with future customers making a first swab with social enterprise platform.

Both Bodhtree and Salesforce leadership teams were present at the event in which Mr. Madan (Salesforce India- Sales Head) was centre stage, focused on the company’s new “social enterprise” vision, showcasing how businesses are transforming themselves into social enterprise which he delivered through a keynote speech. We felt there was a emphasize of being social across the enterprise be it your customers, employees or even products to demonstrate the impact of growth in your business.

In general, the key points which came across were:

1) Facebook is huge now, so you have to embrace social

2) Advantages of chatter as a platform to exchange and collaborate within the organization

3) With the service cloud organizations can join the conversation with their customers

To demonstrate this, he showcased a number of customer organizations – including Toyota, symantic, Burberry and InfoTech enterprises etc – and how they are using Chatter for internal collaboration around sales and customer service processes, and how they leverage Facebook and Twitter to engage with customers. At the centre of Salesforce’s social positioning and offering is the creation of a “social profile” which captures details of, for example, customers’ Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn identities, and tracks social interactions relating to the organisation concerned.

The objective of this event to bring together companies to share their best practices using cloud computing, Chatter, the Sales Cloud, the Service Cloud, and in order to lead their industries and grow their businesses is fulfilled. Some of the excellent case studies presented, will no doubt inspire similar organizations who are considering their opportunities with social technologies.

Today, Bodhtree, with its deep functional and industry skills and a decade of experience with the world’s leading organizations, is a select partner of all the ‘C’ level executives from varied industries in South India, whether you’re an existing customer or still evaluating your options, Bodhtree can help you succeed with Sales Cloud and Social Collaboration. We can improve the entire experience for customers, helping them to rapidly and easily integrate their Salesforce CRM deployment with their existing on-demand applications.

For more details on how Bodhtree can solve your social divide and implementing Sales cloud, do write to us at

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