How do you reach the shore faster than others?

As they say, “time and tide waits for none”. True to today’s business environment – there is a constant challenge of innovating new products and services to meet consumer needs. This becomes even more complex given the ever changing technology led marketplace. And further compounded by the growing customer demands, product lifecycles . Companies need to reduce time-to-market in introducing products and newer releases as well as reduce the cost of products and serve large and diverse customer base while assuring better quality. Bodhtree can help you address these pain areas.

The ISVs Dilemma

Globalization offers tremendous opportunities to ISVs for revenue growth. At the same time, increasing competition and availability of products on richer platforms with new features require ISVs to innovate and differentiate their product. This has resulted in product companies seeking new ways of doing business and optimizing their software development process in order to have more funds available for global initiatives. Collaborating with a Strategic Partner offshoring is no longer tagged to cost savings. This is looked at as a business model which lets you build teams and technical capabilities for Improved Degree of Productization, shorter release cycles and faster time to market your products. The increased dependence means choosing a strategic partner who helps you achieve your business vision not just a technical solution. With our proactive engagement, Bodhtree brings a decade of experience in delivering value across different stages of product life cycle.

Productization consists of defining, describing, improving, producing and continuously developing the offering so that customer benefits are maximized and the organization’s goals are achieved. Bodhtree collaborates with you from your journey in offering a “Core”product that meets design criteria and provides basic functionality, to an “Extended” product that delivers customer value and provides complimentary asset.

The changing needs of customers, ubiquity of internet, adoption of pay-per-use and integration of social media tools are becoming the primary drivers for extending a software product. Bodhtree’s unique services in this space help your offer an “Extended” product on these technologies and business trends.

Open up a new market through SaaS

The changing face of product engineering, as how on-premise applications are becoming SaaS and cloud computing applications. The industry is looking at SaaS adoption as a key drivers with high expectations, Bodhtree being an early adopter of Cloud and SaaS applications eco-system, had delivered world class products that stands out in a dynamic market place.

SaaS has opened up a new market for the software making it available on pay-per-month or pay-per-use basis. Designing for SaaS faces major challenge of managing global design requirements. Bodhtree is a SaaS partner with couple of ISVs for managing their entire process from Saasification to hosting, deployment and maintenance.

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