Bodhtree Joins Cisco Employees in Fight Against Diabetes

Bodhtree Joins Cisco Employees in Fight Against Diabetes

On Sunday, May 6th 2012 a team of Bodhtree employees joined one of our clients,Cisco, for a 10-mile cycling event –  Tour de Cure in Napa Valley to support a social cause in collaboration with the American Diabetes Association (ADA). Tour de Cure is a series of fundraising cycling events held in 44 states across North America to benefit the American Diabetes Association. We were a team of 15-18 people including adults and kids.

Napa Valley features more than 450 vineyards that grow a variety of grapes and produce wine. Almost 4.5 million people visit Napa Valley each year, making it a very popular tourist destination in California. Smooth roads surrounded by lush meadows, grassy hills, pine and oak forests and ubiquitous vineyards make this a perfect destination to host a cycling event.

We all met at our office in Fremont at 7:00 AM, started our trip to Napa Valley in a mini bus by 7:15 AM and reached our destination by 9 AM. Since we had preregistered for the event, we collected our bikes, helmets and tags and headed for breakfast.  After a quick breakfast we all assembled for the cycle ride to begin.

We finished our 10-mile ride in about an hour. On the way we took into the sights and sounds of the valley and enjoyed the beauty of the country side in perfect weather.

After the ride, we went for wine tasting and free massages, which truly was an icing on the cake, of course followed by a sumptuous lunch. We started our trip back home and reached office by 3 PM.

It was a great day combining physical fitness and team building with fundraising for an important cause!

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