“Information” – says it ALL!!

What is Information and why do we, as IT specialists, pay attention to it? IT folks would like to understand everything with a use case – like all programmers would try with “Hello, World” command. Let me lay out what I have learned from my readings on Information and let you make your own decisions on how to shape up your career and impact the future of Bodhtree, very positively.

The following, a few of the many leelas of Lord Krishna, illustrate the power of information:

1. Once a demon challenged Lord Krishna in the jungle and Krishna realized that he does not have the powers to kill the blessed-demon. So, Lord took to feet and found a cave where a Rishi is in deep meditation. Lord Krishna went and hid behind the Rishi, and the demon came chasing after the Lord. Not finding Gopala, the demon looked at and shook the Rishi angrily. The Rishi, disturbed from his tapasysa, opened his eyes only to turn the demon into ashes.

2. The fight between Bhimasena and Jarasandha would not have concluded but for the direction Lord Krishna gave to Bhimasena to ‘tear the body of Jarasandha into two parts – and throw those parts in opposite direction’. The fight would not have concluded on Day-14, and would have continued without Lord’s direction.

Consider this from the history of Moses:

1. Moses saved Hebrew children from the plagues that swept Egypt, with a simple technique of applying the blood of sheep to the entrances of His people’s houses/huts. No other child remained after plague swept Egypt.

In the first example Lord Krishna had the ‘Information’ that the Rishi has the power to turn anything before him into ashes when disturbed from meditation and Krishna accessed and used this information. This sheds light on power of information being more potent than the knowledge/power-accumulation. In the second example, the ‘Information’ about Jarasandha taking birth from two half-babies from Brihadratha’s wives – was in the possession of Krishna. Again, information is far more powerful than the power itself as this confirms. In the third example, Moses’ information on the ‘anti-dote for plague’ is beyond parallels. The examples are many like whether it is Rama winning over Ravana by attacking Ravana’s stomach or Arjuna conquering Dronacharya by lying about Ashwathama’s demise, it was about them having the right information and using the information they had received from Vibhishan and Krishna strategically.

We, as IT practitioners, are expected to live and breathe the information-superiority. All of our customers look to us for

1. Possessing trends in bringing productivity improvements to their environments

2. Advising them on suggesting Best Practices for their industry domain, and also in general

3. And, the list goes on and on

No matter which age or century you are in, the power of information is all-powerful. From ancient Indian civilization to the current age where Gartner defines ‘Information’ as one of the ‘Nexus of Forces’ that drives business transformation, there has been a paradigm shift in the way information is represented and used. With cloud, big data, quantum computing, Information is available on-demand from anywhere, and in a far more lucid fashion. No more interpretation is necessary, although the data is significant.

We, at Bodhtree, should equip ourselves to be at the fore-front of all these history-defining moments/trends. I urge all of you to join me in committing ourselves to bring the cutting-edge information superiority to our customers, and rest of the success for Bodhtree will just be a bye-product of our endeavor.

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