SLA in Oracle R12 – Insight

Running a global business means successfully addressing conflicting requirements in all facets of the enterprise. Fiscal operations offer no reprieve. The more successful or profitable your organization becomes the more complex and stringent the accounting requirements become – or so it seems. From evolving global accounting standards, to new internal control legislation, to sophisticated reporting and analysis requirements – accounting operations have a heavy load to lift.

R12’s accommodation of multiple ledgers in a single set of books enables smart decision making by continuously and quickly providing key financial information that is crucial to make important business decisions. The structure of the new sub ledger accounting also allows for smoother processing and GL management as well as secure but widely accessible data. For example, a single subledger transaction can create multiple accounting representations in multiple currencies in the same set of books.

Oracle Subledger Accounting addresses these diverse requirements with a complete solution that allows you to:

  • Lower costs with streamlined accounting processes
    • User Configurable Accounting Rules
    • Streamlined Period End close and Reconciliations
    • Accurate Accounting since SLA allows users to define, test and validate accounting Rules
  • Meet diverse global accounting requirements and maintain internal controls
    • Enable Concurrent Compliance with Multiple Accounting Standards
    • Increase Transparency and Enable Complete Auditability
  • Access better information and provide better reporting
    • Build a Better Foundation for Reporting and Analysis
    • Report on User-Selected Attributes
  • A transactional application that generates accounting impact
  • Used to store detailed information not needed for a general ledger

Subledgers post summarized activity to a general ledger periodically to maintain centralized account balances for the company

Below are the key tables for SLA in R12

-             XLA_AE_HEADERS xah

-             XLA_AE_LINES xal

-             XLA_EVENTS xae


-             XLA_DISTRIBUTION_LINKS xdl

-             GL_IMPORT_REFERENCES gir

Subledger Accounting (SLA) – Business Case

Client’s Requirement:  Revenue accounting entries needed to be updated with the Geography code based on Bill to Customer country at the time of creating accounting entries

As End Users, at Sub Ledger level will not have access to update the Geography Codes it avoids the risk of wrong data entry. With this given situation an SLA Rule will be defined to update Revenue Account with Geography Code at the time of creating accounting as given below.

Define Country Codes

Link the Journal Line Definition to the Event Class “Invoice”

Map the ‘Bill To Customer Country to the Country Codes Defined Above

Attach the Rule defined to the Revenue Accounting Journal Line Type

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