Salesforce 1 is the best engineering platform in recent times

Salesforce 1: The new customer platform to sell and service from anywhere

Everyone knows CRM as a true Cloud Computing model. Its recent acquisitions and latest platforms fuelled its portfolio of Cloud services and new generation platforms.

Recently Salesforce introduced Salesforce 1 platform, enabling customers to sell and service from any location. It’s a best engineering platform I have ever experienced in recent times and would like to share more about this platform in this article.

Salesforce 1: New Age Platform

The Salesforce platform was already the #1 enterprise Cloud platform with 4 million apps built on the platform, 72 billion records stored, 1.5 billion transactions a day, 2 million app exchanges installs and 2,000 AppExchange apps on the platform.

Salesforce1 is a next-generation CRM platform from Salesforce that aims to improve the company’s footing in the mobile devices space. This is a robust CRM mobile app that has been designed to enable customers, independent software vendors (ISVs) and developers to connect apps and third-party services such as Evernote, LinkedIn, and Dropbox. With this app, developers can access 10 times more Salesforce APIs than they did before.

Salesforce1 app is available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. According to the company, the apps are meant to help enterprises connect with users in the Internet of Things (IoT). Through the app, administrators can manage users, reset passwords and do a myriad of things from their mobile devices. Everything that is related to customer information, data and processing is integrated in Salesforce1.

The release of Salesforce1 is Salesforce’s major leap in the mobile sector where it was lagging behind. The robust app has been modernized and consolidated’s mobile client efforts into a single app. The company is hoping to connect enterprises to the billions of things that can be programmed through APIs. This is a big leap of faith considering that most companies are still not fully utilizing mobile apps and services for sales and marketing.

Highlights of Salesforce1

i) More functions for developers

With the release of this app, developers now have a wider range of functions available to work with the various Web properties of The new app requires a major refactoring and expansion of Salesforce’s APIs.

ii)  Better integration of developer environment

With the new APIs, there is better integration between Salesforce’s Web properties and Heroku. Heroku is the company’s environment for Java, Ruby and other developers who do not work on Now, both development environments are integrated with the company’s applications and underlying application services.

iii) Better integration of cloud platforms

Salesforce’s cloud platforms such as Chatter, Heroku, and other services are now well integrated into Salesforce1.

Salesforce1 connects the company’s mobile app strategy on one dashboard, giving it a foundation to serve four customer constituents:

Admins: With Salesforce1, Admins can use Visualforce and custom actions to manage and distribute apps through a single mobile platform.

Independent Software Providers (ISVs): Companies such as LinkedIn can now build mobile apps on the new Salesforce1 AppExchange.

End Users: These users are those whose needs are not usually addressed by major app developers. The group typically needs more apps to do small, simple tasks that are often customized to their industries.

Developers: Salesforce1 has 10 times more APIs and services for apps that point inward and outward. In the API environment, developers have a range of options on developing apps than ever before.

With the release of Salesforce1, has made a major step in consolidating its position as one of the top public Cloud development platforms.

To put it in a nut shell, Salesforce completely rebuilt their architecture.  Their leading sales, service, marketing and AppExchange offerings are built on this new customer platform. This new age platform would revolutionize Cloud, Mobile and Social platforms.

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