TargetRecruit is playing a vital role in enabling easy hiring on the Cloud

Human Capital Management, Staffing and recruiting enterprises are deploying Cloud based talent management solutions with a clear business objective to bring speed and agility in hiring right talent and eliminate on premise headaches. TargetRecruit is an innovative Cloud platform making recruiters job easier by allowing key stake holders to streamline hiring process and make the recruitment process less complicated, so as to find right candidates.

TargetRecruit is slowly revolutionizing the hiring process in various sizes of enterprises. Its feature rich and cost saving Cloud platform is benefitting multiple staffing or recruiting units in various organizations.

Today a big question is how do CIOs and HR leaders understand implementation challenges and derive customization benefits in the entire gamut of recruitment life cycle management. Organizations need quick assessment tools and methodologies to study the partner’s implementation capability and enabling them to implement Cloud based applications.

Other key challenges for CIOs and HR leaders are integration with existing application e.g. CRM, impact of Cloud-based solutions that brings into an organization and how do they leverage best practices to transform underlying business processes.

TargetRecruit addresses the above challenges and provide measurable value to HR leaders. It offers robust, secure and easy integration platform to suit your business requirements. It is built on platform to ensure that data is secure and safe on the Cloud. It offers a number of rich features to suit each unique business needs like customizable templates and reports specific to hiring right talent, easy integration with Salesforce, integration with MS office programs and supports multiple languages and currencies.

TargetRecruits mantra is to access from any location without any hindrance, no software to download, and access all the features without any location constrains. TargetRecruit has partnered with Bodhtree for TargetRecruit implementation and customization. Bodhtree with its years of experience in implementing and customizing Cloud based Salesforce CRM has pioneered Cloud deployments across the verticals.

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