Change is the only Constant

Mahatma Gandhi said: Be the Change that you wish to see in the world.

Applying this thought to my professional life: I believe that in order to help our customers excel in their business, we need to excel in what we do.

In this competitive environment, organizations need to quickly adapt to change to deliver service excellence and exceed customer expectations. To embrace this change in my organization our Delivery team has reengineered itself into two main streams – Practices and Delivery.

While the focus of the Practices & Delivery teams differs, the ultimate goal is increasing customer satisfaction and generating revenue. The performance of our Big Data, Cloud, Enterprise and Product Engineering Practices is measured by well-laid out metrics. The leaders of these streams are accountable for the profitability and utilization.

The adherence to CMMi processes and a strong governance system demonstrates our commitment towards process excellence.

To excel as a professional and an organization, we need to embrace change quickly, learn and enhance our technical and managerial skills.

With energy and passion, I am sure one can surpass all expectations and excel in everything that they do.

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