Big Data into actionable intelligence

Big Data has generated huge buzz among executives across industry verticals and travel industry is no exception. Several data challenges that the travel industry faces result from its long-term usage of information systems for key processes. As a result their business data is often fragmented across multiple functions and units. For example, airline data on the passenger experience is spread across flight operations, baggage, loyalty programs, complaint databases, and external sources like social media.

In order to make effective decisions about how to promote offers to customers and deal with unexpected scenarios, airlines need to combine all of this information into one data warehouse and one set of algorithms, which would require considerable investment. Creating an integrated source of customer information is not only expensive, but difficult no matter how large the available budget.

While most of us understand and agree with the benefits that big data can provide to a travel firm, many of the business leaders we speak with still find the topic a little abstract and theoretical. They want concrete examples of how leading corporations convert Big Data into actionable intelligence to predict trends, save costs, and boost revenues.

Orbitz provides an ideal case to compare before and after metrics of a Hadoop Big Data implementation.  How does big data affect their ability to precision market? Improve search result?  React faster to emerging trends?

View our webinar to learn how Orbitz turned unused Big Data into Big value.

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