Large scale enterprises are leveraging CRM to automate Sales and bring transparency in production data

Large scale enterprises have its own complexities in sales and production processes. The enormous data generation and inaccuracies in visualizing data is crippling critical sales and production objectives. Sales automation becomes critical to get complete visibility so that production decisions are made accurately.

Our experience of working with a largest plastic manufacturing company is a classic example of how sales & production data complexities can be simplified by architecting a customized CRM solution.

Business Challenge

The customer has varied automated business units, but customer Information/sales data was being maintained in legacy systems and spreadsheets. This was limiting the client from implementing new applications to improve performance and take advantage of new functionality. Additionally there was also an increased dependency on SAP systems to fetch data for running schemes and generating the invoices. The client was in need of a centralized database to reduce manual intervention while creating beat plans. They wanted a system that can generate metrics /reports to understand the overall trends. They wanted their technology partner to support the critical need of tracking customer credit and outstanding information. Categorizing different product families in the SAP system was a challenge. Precisely, they required a single platform to maintain their operational data while minimizing downtime, and improving the performance of their applications and databases.


We deployed Sales Cloud to automate their entire sales operations. The objective was to bring greater visibility to sales management, so that their leadership team is align with critical sales data like sales pipeline, sales forecasting, sales by region for complete transparency and decision making.

We have automated their sales, marketing processes and enabled bi-directional integration between Salesforce and ERP that will enable a seamless flow of data.

We also implemented database that measures daily / weekly / monthly activities, along with tracking and maintaining daily complaint log files. Implemented a feature that updates timely payment status including outstanding and completed payments. Enabled a feature with dynamic computation of the total price and quantity assigned based on the base quantity entered in the system. Setup automated alerts for the complaint log to the respective departments to reduce issue resolution time.


Bodhtree delivered a single source of information in the Cloud allowing our client to easily eliminate redundancies. With this single source it maintains confidentiality of data across divisions. Reports & Dashboards enabled them to measure business performance at every level in the organization.

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