Bodhtree’s Midas ETLE tool provides bi-directional integration between CRM and ERP systems in maintaining data integrity and security

Application integration is a critical area for enterprises to solve data migration challenges, safeguard data integrity and security. Companies having large scale ERP’s at enterprise level face the challenges in application integration between on premise ERPs and cloud applications like CRM. Integration bottlenecks can lead to data dwindling, data loss or data duplication within your Oracle/SAP ERPs or CRM. Today, integration software/applications have evolved to benefit customers in cost, agility, scalability and innovation.

Implementing CRM can be a daunting task in a large enterprise with ERP’s as a backbone enterprise application. Companies need to overcome integration complexity for smooth Salesforce CRM journey. Numerous applications/tools have evolved in this space but few have made an indelible mark boosting innovation in Salesforce CRM integration. Bodhtree’s Midas, an integration tool seamlessly integrates with SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite and other ERPs. Midas has excelled in resolving critical integration challenges in CRM deployments for several of our customers.

A leading multinational corporation which is into providing advanced air conditioning has chosen Midas to address their critical application integration challenges between on premise ERP and Salesforce cloud CRM.

Business Challenges

The customer required a bi-directional integration tool and also needed an automated system to track customer quotes. Their dependency on IT was increasing to trace shipment order values. Experiencing data inconsistency and obtaining product and pricing details were impacting their business. Manual intervention resulted in inaccurate analysis and loss of critical business data. Data security was another major challenge.

Solution: Midas played an important role in critical data integration

With Midas the data was seamlessly transferred from CRM to SQL server, further enabling easy data flow into their ERP system. Data was analyzed and transformed avoiding data loss, there by cleansing and de-dupe steps before the data was transferred to ERP system. Data was securely transferred to ERP system. A scheduler has been created to extract data in bulk from Salesforce CRM and migrate to SQL server. Midas proprietary connectors had played a key role in reducing data migration steps for an easy and secured integration.

Business Benefits

Midas’s agility in data transfer between Salesforce CRM and SQL server/ERP empowered business users with a complete insight into customers business. Data was cleansed and analyzed according to business needs. There were few steps involved in aligning the integration process for a seamless and scalable integration. Midas has reduced the integration cost by one third compared to commercially available ETL tools.

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