CRM: Marketing Cloud is the next big thing!!

In a recent research study conducted by NASSCOM, 50% of the CMOs indicated that they would spend more than 11% of the marketing budget on technology initiatives.

According to NASSCOM, the role of a CMO was historically only focused on advertising and brand building. However, changing customer behavior has made his role much more diverse. Marketing, in its new avatar, focuses on developing customer relationships and encouraging inter-personal or reference-based promotion. Hence, customer information management, segmentation, digital and analytics have emerged as the key focus areas for marketers. Technology helps them identify prospective customers and build relationships with them. At another level, technology is increasingly creating the fear of being left behind in the marketers’ mind.

Several of our customers are also echoing the same sentiments.

After several large scale Sales Cloud implementations along with, now we are experiencing whiff of Marketing Cloud. The sales and marketing automation is gradually moving towards newer platforms, redefining and reengineering automation with measurable ROI. We have helped several customers with our Sales cloud implementations. In most of the cases it is all about sales cycle visibility or improving sales by bringing efficiency in customer relationship management etc. On the other hand ,”The CMO’s office” is becoming more dynamic and compelled to bring in new marketing means to connect, measure and mine customers from social platforms, ROI based campaigns, SEO etc. Organizations are compelled to speed up with the latest marketing methods. In the present day cloud revolution, Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud is the next big thing on the Cloud. It is imperative to separate sales and marketing, they are twin engines of an aircraft. Marketing Cloud, built on the Salesforce1 platform, allows marketers to combine traditional digital channels like email, mobile, social and the web. The impetus on organizations today is to connect with right set of customers using the right set of tools to gather customer insights. Publish highly targeted content. Build, run and optimize ads on Facebook and twitter. Our experience in understanding and deploying Marketing Cloud for our customers will grow bigger and bigger with an increasing demands from CMO’s office.

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