Expanding our Healthcare and Life Sciences services

The Indian healthcare industry is expected to touch US$ 250 billion by 2020. The year over year (YOY ) double digit growth can be attributed to rising population, increasing lifestyle related health issues, cheaper treatment costs, thrust in medical tourism, improving health insurance, government initiatives in rural, semi-urban areas and focus on public private partnership models.

The key industries like healthcare providers, pharmaceutical, bio-informatics, contract research etc. in HLS segment is propelling growth chart to new heights. To overcome sudden spate of business challenges, companies are prioritising latest technology adoption to address demanding patient care, innovation in R&D and new generation drugs.

At Bodhtree, our expanded healthcare and life sciences services like business and technology consulting, analytics and information management, product engineering and mobility solutions are addressing the markets both in India and USA.

Today innovation in HLS is all about adopting change. Internet, social media and mobile devices are showing new path to bring efficiency, while real time models and gadgets providing more options to users. Bodhtree’s HLS experts can define the most modern approach and replace ageing and redundant systems with clinical applications, custom tele health portals, DM portals and clinical and business analytics services for healthcare. Tele-health and remote patient monitoring has changed the way hospitals function today.  A new set of challenges for pharmaceutical enterprises in drug discovery and research is compelling them to deploy technology solutions that keep them ahead in the race. Our pharma services compliment API, formulations, bulk drugs and branded generics companies to accelerate clinical trials,drug development & innovation.

In a nutshell, the sector continues to look up, it is not free of challenges, increasing patient expectations and ever-changing technology, act as a critical barrier in delivering healthcare and life sciences services in a sustainable manner.

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