How a leading real estate firm transformed its customer experience strategy with Salesforce’s service cloud

Henry Ford once said, “a business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about -profits. They will be embarrassingly large”. It may sound a little simplistic but there is certainly a truth behind this observation.

Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business or organization.

This reminds us about our recent Salesforce implementation for a leading real estate firm. The company had outgrown their customer service support system and needed a solution that would take their call tracking to a next level. They wanted to streamline their sales and marketing processes, optimize ticket management and enhance the efficiency of their customer support team to provide excellent customer experience.

Customer service team was assigned with customer queries and other issues related to payment status and status of particular project documents. The sales team would track number of inquiries and sales conversions in order to measure their performance whereas the customer service team required real time reports to monitor the number of calls attended by the agents, number of issues resolved and the issue resolution time.

Having in-depth experience in deploying customized Salesforce Service Cloud, Bodhtree’s service cloud experts understand the critical success factors in enhancing revenue generation with a customer experience strategy. We helped several customers in deploying Service Cloud, which allowed them to provide revolutionary customer service from anywhere, anytime and on any device. In fact, Service Cloud enables you to embed one-touch service directly into products. Your customer service agents can be fully empowered by Service Cloud.

Some of the benefits they enjoyed

1. Healthy Competition & Real time visibility – Multiple queues can be viewed at once, so there is a healthy competition between agents to resolve their cases faster

2. Increased Collaboration – With Chatter, agents can quickly escalate cases to experts to provide accurate solutions and close them faster

3. Knowledge & custom dashboards – Quickly search your knowledge base for relevant answers. Or make it easy for customers to do it themselves. View customized reports to increase performance efficiency

Yes, it’s a new world out there, and we expect to see many more organizations dramatically reshaping their sales, marketing and customer support functions like this real estate firm did.

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