The customer Analytics & segmentation are the key drivers today to retain online customers on B2C portals

The changing landscape of BI is truly attributed to new generation analytics to understand customer behavior and segment them based on defined parameters. The role of OLAP and OLTP in a large scale enterprise where customer data & transactions are incessant to emergence of new generation analytics to customer behavior has changed the entire landscape of BI ecosystem.

Bodhtree has provided various Analytical solutions to global customers for more than a decade. We have expanded our Analytical solutions to new domains and meeting the demands of our customers to enable them so that they understand their customers and increase customer lifetime value. Today it’s all about creating differentiators and out- of- the box thinking. We would like to share our experience in implementing a simple yet an innovative Analytical solution to a leading conglomerate for their renowned international cricket portal. The objective is to provide accurate data to the visitors using robust technology.

Business Challenges
The portal has a million visitors every day, they had experienced drop in traffic. The conventional approach by using analytical tools had failed either to know the customer behavior or increase traffic. The big question is ‘how to trigger interest and engage visitors’ for a longer period of time on the portal.

The Analytical team at Bodhtree have understood the business challenges and provided a solution that displayed live updates and stats (Nuggets). We understood the web traffic and what information the visitors are looking at the portal and accordingly provided a web-service to insert all the nuggets before the match starts and also during the match in- progress. Web-service interacts with JSON and MySQL to generate a nugget. We predominately used ‘R’ language.

With our solution, real time updates and stats are possible. This is demarcated by match and player. A Player performance analysis and historical trending is available for visitors. The traffic has significantly increased after incorporating the new features. Now the company is in a position to forecast the future traffic, segment and understand the visitor’s behavior.

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