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All of us who have worked with nonprofits before would agree to the fact that the right CRM administrator can really enhance user adoption and transform constituent relationship management for your nonprofit.

Here are some top qualities of a CRM administrator:

• Loves data and numbers: someone who has a flair for databases and metrics

• Problem solver: a self-learner who can search blogs, user forums, helps guides, etc. to resolve users’ technical issues and increase adoption

• Flexible: willing to grow as the organization changes and your CRM needs expand

• Technology savvy: has a flair for technology and can quickly adopt new tools to help resolve issues or extend functionality

• Good communicator and trainer: understand users’ requirements and train them to increase adoption

• Proactive: quickly identify projects and opportunities for growth and enable users rather than just responding to crises

• Passionate about working with nonprofits

Bodhtree understands that relationships mean everything to nonprofits. We provide Salesforce admin and product support services to optimize your interactions with volunteers, manage donors, deliver better programs and services, facilitate personalized outreach and raise more funds.

Community is one of our core values and as part of our philanthropic initiatives we are offering twenty hours of free administration services* to all nonprofit organizations who use

Sign up for a free virtual assessment today and qualify for this offer. Offer valid till September 30, 2014.

* Scope of services

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