Information in the Cloud allowed leading manufacturing company to easily eliminate data redundancies

Today’s organizations face twin challenge of transitioning from legacy to flexible platforms which can exactly meet the business requirements of competitive advantage, and robust change management processes to drive adoption of new platforms.

Leading the way for the Manufacturing industry

The decision to implement Salesforce was taken after an extensive evaluation process for one of the largest building material manufacturing company a part of US$1.6 billion conglomerate that has a history of enduring relationships with renowned global companies. With over 20,000 employees, 24 manufacturing facilities and numerous patents and awards, the Group’s businesses operate in five continents. Prior to the implementation, they were facing challenges in maintaining Customer information/ Sales data in legacy systems and spreadsheets. With increased dependency on SAP systems it was becoming difficult for them to fetch data for running schemes and generating invoices.  Difficulty in generating reports and metrics is another big challenge for them to assess the overall productivity.

With Salesforce most of their challenges were resolved as it streamlined their entire order processing system by generating forecast and actuals based on order details entered in Salesforce system. Also it enabled timely payment status updates including the details of outstanding and completed payments

Integration = account intelligence

With Bodhtree’s proprietary ETLE tool bi-directional integration was done between Salesforce and ERP systems that enabled real time updates of orders in both the systems. With this integration user dependency on SAP systems was reduced.

Reduced issue resolution time

We have setup automated alerts for the complaint log to the respective departments to further reduce issue resolution time.

Measure business performance

Reports & Dashboards enabled them to measure business performance at every level in the organization.

Guaranteed governance

In security, along with the fact that Salesforce employs a world-leading multi-layered approach to data security. Our client benefitted from the ability to share information between teams and individuals on a selective basis. This is being utilized extensively with cross-team collaboration efforts.

In addition they benefitted with the consolidation of information on a single platform to maintain confidentiality of data across divisions. Further, by removing individual data silos throughout the organization and centralized data in Salesforce, they achieved an incredible accuracy of its master data.

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