Pharmaceutical companies are embracing new generation websites to increase global outreach!!

Brand building is the bloodline in today’s competitive world of pharmaceutical marketing. After conventional brand building of new drugs, today Pharmaceutical enterprises are following the trends of building their brands online for greater outreach. In the initial years brand building was all about creating brand awareness to stay ahead of competitive brands and brand extension.

In this digital age companies are reaching out to their prospective customers through various digital platforms. The online branding is ‘in’ and Indian pharma industry is set to soar high in this new digital revolution. Enterprises are focusing on leveraging latest web technologies to increase their web presence and make greater outreach to their target audience spread across globally. Today in API, branded generics or bulk drugs business there is a spurt in online enquires or prospects from developed markets that are reaching out to Indian companies for contract research, bulk drug procurements or buying new molecules.

To be a part of this revolution pharmaceutical enterprise are adopting new generation websites with an innovative branding & brand positioning. Content marketing, blogs, social media strategy are the new tools of online marketing to reach out to new partners, prospects, customers from different continents etc.

Using latest web technologies, Bodhtree had helped several well-known global pharmaceutical companies to adopt new generation websites to augment their global outreach for increased business enquiries. Our website evangelists have come up with world class websites based on the business & product portfolio, business lines, differentiators etc.

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