Bodhtree’s Salesforce CRM strategy for health care providers

Health care providers have made rapid strides in adopting technology to stream line hospital management and applications that suits various critical departments within a hospital ecosystem. Earlier technology was just confined to Hospital management system (HMS) or applications that are widely used in charge capture, billing lifecycle or disease management (DM) etc.

Today, the health care industry demands improved collaboration with doctors and patients, high security and privacy to safeguard sensitive, insightful customer data. Bodhtree’s Salesforce CRM strategy for healthcare providers helps them to adopt cloud strategy to align new patients in a common pursuit of healthcare success. Our understanding of healthcare domain and its business challenges enable us to design a customize solution and tread extra mile for every size of healthcare customer. Healthcare customers use fast, streamlined operations in the cloud to gain competitive advantage and deliver more complete, outcome-oriented care. Companies like Health Leads manage overall patient health by connecting doctors, health advocates, and community resources with Salesforce. Companies, who become involved, have informed partners in their health journey. Health plans like Blue Shield of California are using Salesforce to reach customers in new ways, while making information from patients, plan administrators and physicians more accessible.

Our Salesforce CRM solution for health care providers helps them in seizing new opportunities, improving patient collaboration, sales and order automation, leveraging a platform that connects conversations, devices, processes, services and patient data in a whole new way.

Our Health care experts can help you create more personalized experience.

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