Bring sales and service together to engage customers with Salesforce CRM

Today enterprises are looking beyond automating & streamlining sales. Target driven sales are tracked and monitored on a quarterly basis to meet sales objectives. When enterprises fail to achieve consistent sales growth, at least in 40% of cases are the factors attributed to poor and ageing sales process. There are transparency factors in sales data to make critical decisions. Today, it’s all about bringing sales and service together to engage and retain customers.

In the current business scenario customers expect personalized, unified conversation across sales, service and every other interaction with an organization. Organizations with siloed data or a fragmented approach to customers are unable to create a single, unified view of their customer, which results in a poor customer experience and less productive employees.

Bodhtree’s niche Salesforce CRM implementations focuses at bringing sales and customer service teams together to stay connected and create a platform to achieve sales visibility, monitoring and tracking accurate sales data. We helped organizations increase their agent’s productivity, decrease in agent wrap-up time and reduction in steps needed to create and close a case. Our success stories spans from customized Sales cloud implementation to service cloud adoption to some of the niche enterprises where customer experience strategy is a tactical need. Our Salesforce CRM certified consultants bring sales and service together to engage customers and plan a customer experience strategy for improved customer satisfaction.

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