Healthcare Analytics for greater business outcome

The global healthcare industry is experiencing transformation due to the new regulatory laws and it is moving towards value based business. With growing demands of patients to improve quality of care and increased value, healthcare providers are under pressure to deliver better outcome. The rising cost dynamics of healthcare, increasing demands of patient, and new entrants are adding to complexities of healthcare business.

The growing complexities posed to healthcare industry require more informed decisions for better outcome. Healthcare IT enablement and business intelligence can provide organizations the ability to use their data to improve quality of care, increase financial efficiency and operational effectiveness. IT must be able to effectively coordinate the different data sources as well as address the timing of the data transfer between the sources.

The delivery of patient-centric care requires clinical and performance analytics where healthcare data is used to exploit patterns to identify actionable insights. Healthcare analytics is playing a larger role today for hospitals and large provider groups to have access to real-time clinical data that can improve point-0f-care decision making.

Our experience with healthcare providers made us understand the intricacies of complex challenges that healthcare providers are facing today. Bodhtree’s disease management solutions and BI platform are focused on helping healthcare organizations adopt to this new era of services by leveraging analytics and Big Data.

We created a common enterprise platform for providers to address both operational and strategic information needs and provide necessary regulatory reports. Healthcare providers can leverage our analytical solutions for longitudinal view of patient data across a host of disparate systems and provide a transparent view of the patient across the continuum of care. Predictive analytics is playing a major role in disease management due to timely access to key predictive quality indicators. Bodhtree’s relentless efforts in helping Healthcare providers to adopt analytic solutions to harness “big data” to create actionable insights set their future vision and improve patient care delivery.

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