Bodhtree Salesforce CRM Implementation for Leading Pharmaceuticals Companies

Increased sales productivity with

A leading global pharmaceutical company was looking to accelerate its growth, improve cross-divisional collaboration and drive increased productivity so that it could extend its lead in innovation. However, the company was facing challenges in existing ERP system that do not support lead to opportunity management, resulting in poor quality of data collected during sales calls and lack of customer insight.

Bodhtree implemented a quick, in and out lead to opportunity flow in Salesforce CRM Cloud platform. As a result, the sales forecast, budgeting and tracking salescycle by each stage, type of business and different business line helped the client reduce costs, become more efficient and flexible, and is now able to respond to its customers better.

The client develops, manufactures and markets pharmaceutical drugs across the globe. Its products and services address the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, enhancing the well-being and the quality of life of customers.  It is the only company in the world with a complete product portfolio of inhalation anesthetics drugs. It offers a multitude of services that cover the entire drug-cycle, from development and commercial manufacturing to off-patent supplies of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and formulations.

Business Challenge

The company was having existing ERP systems which do not support lead to opportunity management. They needed streamlined process to act up on important business functions. They were lacking transparent view of sales cycle segmented by each business unit. For example, there was typically a large gap between the time the sales targets were identified and when the sales calls could be made. Additionally due to lack of approval management process for opportunity closure they were facing challenges to run sales engine seamlessly.

How we helped

The client chose Salesforce as the platform to improve lead to opportunity system in the present business scenario. Bodhtree customized workflow rules and validation rules to streamline opportunity development and ensure proper opportunity closure. This new capability provides greater visibility from prospect through to committed leads. Bodhtree’s solution eliminated manual systems, errors, time and efforts motivating sales reps to sell beyond quotes and aligning them with the company’s strategic goals.

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