Bodhtree’s Midas tool solving integration challenges for Salesforce CRM users.

This year more companies joined the salesforce analytics and integration ecosystem. The most recent entrant is a well-known technology provider joining the Analytics bandwagon. For enterprises real-time access to business-critical data is very huge, multiple challenges for today’s companies. Data must be integrated across both cloud and on premise applications, and maintain high data quality that is easily accessible.

The evolving integration challenges are centered on data quality, and integrating new applications with Salesforce cloud CRM. Bodhtree’s proprietary integration tool, Midas is developed after years of experience in data synchronization and integration between various applications. Our Midas ETLE tool has joined the Salesforce integration ecosystem to enable our customers to solve integration challenges between Cloud CRM and on premise ERP’s such as SAP and Oracle ERP’s.

In large scale CRM implementations where customer’s enterprise application is an ERP, in such scenarios the demand is to leverage low cost and robust tools, apps to keep the implementation cost within the budget. Apart from the cost factors, it is equally important for enterprises to maintain the data quality, avoid data losses and remove redundancies in both ERP and Salesforce CRM data. Our Midas tool helped customers of every size in bi-directional data and seamless application integration that works best in most critical integration scenarios. Midas has the ability to connect to numerous data sources, process large volumes of data, support for real-time or on-demand integration and data security in fraction of the cost of customer’s budget. The value drivers for today’s burgeoning integration applications are to provide measurable ROI and value. By stating that, it is compelling for enterprises to choose the right tools keeping the data security as a top most priority. Gartner recognizes Bodhtree as a specialist Salesforce CRM integrator in its CRM vendor guide, 2014.

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