Salesforce for government will change the business dynamics in developing markets!

In the present day context, the word ‘automation’ is an old adage. Information technology and software platforms were evolving gradually for each specific industry verticals. From a mere automation to robust cloud platform all of these are addressing some of the new business challenges to remain competitive in the market place. Technology mega trends – mobile, social networks, and cloud computing – are improving service and changing expectations.

The same applies to Government organizations which has a defined set of responsibilities towards its citizens. For years, has been well-chronicled for customizing its cloud ware products and services to fit the needs of specific vertical markets, most notably retail, healthcare, manufacturing and financial services. Now the proponent of cloud platform has already made headlong into the government sector. Salesforce is redefining the collaboration between government and its citizens. Connect citizens and government for the 21st century. A truly connected government is citizen-centric and builds connections between citizens, employees, governments and services. Government is still largely captive to legacy. The adoption rate is overwhelming and ever growing in the developed markets. Salesforce have teamed up together to provide its products and services to the government in US. However the challenge is to evaluate government adoption in developing markets like India, Latin America etc.

The Salesforce Government Cloud, is comprised of the Salesforce1 Platform, Salesforce Applications (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Chatter), and the backend infrastructure that support the operations of these products. Salesforce for Government makes it quick and easy for agencies to build simple cloud apps that make data accessible to employees on any device.

Bodhtree, as a Salesforce’s largest reseller and implementer recently enabled Salesforce CRM cloud platform to a key government department in south India. Bodhtree supported an extensive ecosystem of vendor and consulting services, helping the government agency to transform their key departmental business practices and deliver the on the mission by using a safe, secure, cloud based platform. This is a testimony that more government agencies and departments will leave behind traditional service and putting the power in the hands of its citizens and changing the way they interact and communicate with the government.

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