Healthcare buzz word today : Patient Engagement

Healthcare-Patient-EngagemeToday’s healthcare industry is going through massive change. Healthcare providers are continuously assessing how they can enhance patient care and grow revenue, while also improving cost, risk management, and outcomes.

Consumers, who are now paying more of the healthcare tab, are demanding transparency, convenience, and value. The care models of yesterday are inadequate to satisfy growing industry and consumer expectations.

Many clinicians, policymakers and health economists agree that improving healthcare quality while controlling costs and risk requires greater patient engagement. Improved patient engagement can result in (1) better disease prevention, by giving patients the tools to self-monitor and change behavior ;(2) greater treatment success, based on increased compliance with lifestyle changes and therapy; and (3) better clinical decision making, as a result of more information sharing between the patient and clinician.

However, connecting with patients outside of the office visit, and providing ongoing access and transparency to care and support resources, is challenging, particularly when it requires coordination between patients, physicians, clinical staff and third party resources. To meet consumer demands, healthcare providers need new ways to connect with patients and deliver value-add information in a cost effective, easy to access and simple manner—and in a way that maintains consistency and continuity throughout the entire treatment process.

It reminds me the online platform that we developed for a Telehealth start up in Singapore that connects patients with healthcare providers. As a startup they did not prefer to bear heavy overhead costs, manage large development teams and operational expenses hence they partnered with us to develop their product. This helped them build their product at a fraction of a cost and also accelerated their time to market.

The healthcare platform other features include virtual consultations by voice, video and text, peer-to-peer messaging, appointment scheduling and personal health diaries. It links multiple provider groups, including general practitioners, specialists, hospitals and nursing homes, and also enables secure and efficient information sharing between providers about their patients. The service is also available on iOS and Android platforms. It cuts out the unnecessary layers and provides patients the freedom to take control of their health in a secure and intuitive way.

Patients can keep a record of their data and share them with doctors. The data is then visualized so that it is easy to digest. It collects data from wearable devices. And lastly, users can communicate and consult their doctor’s right from the app. On the other hand doctors can easily monitor and view their patient data anytime.

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