Flexible applications can bridge the gap between payers, providers and patients in the new healthcare economy.

Healthcare Provider, Healthcare PayerThe global healthcare industry is experiencing transformation due to the new regulatory laws and it is moving towards value based business. With growing demands of patients to improve quality of care and increased value, healthcare CIOs are under pressure to deliver better outcomes. The current challenges are raising cost dynamics, increasing demands of patient, need for new generation medicines to decrease mortality and morbidity and new entrants are adding to growing complexities of healthcare business.

Healthcare IT enablement can provide organizations the ability to use their data to improve quality of care, increase financial efficiency and operational effectiveness. IT must be able to effectively coordinate between payers, providers and patents to achieve common objective of improved patient care. In the past providers and payers had worked in fragmented ecosystem, but today it’s all about the collaboration and data sharing models to keep the patients well informed and process claims in defined turnaround time to meet stringent healthcare SLAs. Much has changed the way healthcare business is run today. Payers, providers and pharmaceutical companies are making efforts to address individual challenges so that they can address the demands of patients and doctors in a holistic manner. Technology has become imperative in this digital healthcare ecosystem. Technology may be a broader term, but it is all about the new digital platforms, right set of applications and flexible cloud platforms.

Bodhtree’s healthcare CoE has studied new evolving trends and challenges like raising healthcare costs, gaps in healthcare automation, new evolving regulators norms and its impact on providers and payers. As a growing healthcare and life sciences solution provider we deliver powerful solutions that elevate the quality of care while reducing healthcare costs. It is important for HLS companies to adopt right set of flexible cloud applications that foster innovation and real time visibility for improved patient care.

Pharmaceutical companies on the other hand need to overcome challenges to bring out new drug discovery, analytics transforming molecule data and improved automation to make affordable drugs. Hence payers, providers and pharmaceutical business are replacing ageing, legacy tools with flexible cloud based applications that allow them to enhance the overall patient experience. Bodhtree has been part of their journey and deploy right set of tools helping several payers, providers and pharmaceutical companies to excel in this new digital healthcare revolution.

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