Tableau : The Significance of Data Visualization

Business Intelligence AnalyticsTechnological advances have made data visualization more prevalent and powerful than ever before, increasing the importance of business intelligence. Businesses around the globe realize that the ability to visualize data effectively leads directly to better understanding, insight and better business decisions.

Often the difference between winning and losing in today’s marketplace is the ability to respond to ever-changing conditions, anticipating customer behavior or responding to competitive dynamics. Now more than ever organizations need solutions that allow for easy access to the volume and variety of data that can drive and support dynamic decision-making. Competitive pressures and new sources of data are creating new requirements. Users are demanding the ability to answer their questions quickly and easily. And that’s a good thing.

Tableau is an excellent fit for organizations that do not have large IT departments, but are looking for a tool that offers a strong visualization suite and quick deployment. Its intuitive, visually driven interactive data-exploration platform can easily transform the ordinary business user into a “data superhero.”

Bodhtree has partnered with Tableau to provide their clients with a compelling alternative solution to traditional BI. Several of our clients are looking to adopt user-friendly BI applications and analytics tools to create KPI-specific dashboards for their power users, functions and leadership. With Tableau, we intend to empower our clients with self-service BI that enables them to analyze, visualize and communicate information in the most effective way possible.

Customer Success story

We implemented a complete big data topology for one of the large toy and game manufacturing company to enable improved understanding of customer preferences and buying habits; the process involved the following steps:

  • An assessment study to identify all stakeholders and determine the firm’s readiness and suitability to adopt Big Data
  • Identified business use cases where big data could be a game changer, aligned them to their strategic priorities, illustrated a roadmap for future and clearly defined business benefits
  • Prioritized and selected a use case for improving the customer revenue based on their past behavior; this included:
  • Value based customer segmentation
  • Definition and implementation of 5 KPIs (Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), Drop Rate, Retention Rate, Tie Ratio)
  • Definition of a statistical model to accurately predict the CLV values for a segment of customers
  • Implemented a visualization toolkit for modelling customer behavior and the KPIs of interest
  • Implemented an end-to-end solution spanning data extraction from multiple sources, normalization,     storage, analysis and visualization using advanced tools and techniques

With this solution, our client could visualize their customer data in multiple ways and uncover insights that enables them to make faster and fact-based decisions to increase customer lifetime and revenue.

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