Key Trends for Salesforce users in 2015!

salesforce-trendsSuccessful companies who had deployed Salesforce will leverage key trends to capture and personalize every customer interaction in the cloud. Business Analytics is the next big thing in the year 2015. Salesforce users will prioritize business analytics to get deep insights into business information and new apps centered on SFDC. The year 2015 will see a spurt in new innovative applications for Salesforce users that redefines smart integration between Salesforce CRM and other applications. Business analytics is not only restricted to key stake holders, but to broader audiences including employees.

We will foresee a change within the length and breadth of an enterprise with the continuous adoption of business analytics.

In particular, key drivers that will drive Salesforce market will be:

  • Business Analytics: Apart from the key users, it will expand to length and breadth of an organization, including employees.
  • Mobility – next wave of mobile technology is spearheading towards wearables at work place
  • Integration – New smart and seamless apps will benefit salesforce users in solving integration challenges
  • New Apps – we’ll see an acceleration of apps developed to handle business critical functions
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