Social and Mobile to be the focus in 2015

socialandmobile2015Social networks and mobile channels are likely to be the main focus for the efforts of marketing departments worldwide in 2015. Global cloud computing company Salesforce surveyed over 5,000 marketers around the world for a recent report – ‘2015 State of Marketing’ – and the conclusions are pretty clear. During the coming year, the main focus for marketing professionals will be on social networks and mobile devices. The goal of modern marketing is to elevate the customer experience across every channel. Marketers are now able to extend the customer journey in a powerful new way inside apps and across devices, creating personal brand experiences for every interaction with every customer. As per the report 64% of marketers see social media marketing as a critical enabler of products and services and 70% see mobile marketing as a critical enabler of products and services. Additionally three technologies rated as most critical and important to the customer journey were mobile applications, marketing analytics, and CRM tools.

Some of the recommendations for marketers

  • Make every experience mobile – Landing pages, your corporate website, an app, social media, and especially email — all of these are opportunities to offer customers a fully optimized, accessible mobile experience
  • Invest in advertising strategically – More than ever, the time has come to evaluate the money you’re spending on offline advertising with indefinable results. This year, 38% of marketers plan to shift spend from traditional mass advertising to advertising on digital channels
  • Evaluate email’s role in the customer journey – Email can guide subscribers through many stages of the customer journey, but first evaluate the journey you’re currently leading them on
  • Catch up with your subscribers. Design responsively – if you are not already designing an easily navigable experience on mobile, it’s high time now to look at that perspective. Don’t forget tablets, as the tablet environment is another critical area for responsive design improvement
  • Breathe new life into email campaigns – Try spring-cleaning your email. Send a re-engagement campaign that invites subscribers to update their preferences and gain more control over the type and frequency of messages they’re receiving
  • Join the mobile majority - Mobile analytics will help you pinpoint exactly how mobile fits into your overall customer journey.
  • Integrate mobile and reap the benefits – Marketers who have integrated mobile into their overall strategy are twice as likely to have dedicated digital teams by channel and have larger teams overall
  • Test new social channels – Engage in some social listening to see if topics relevant to your brand or competitors are taking place on these lesser known social networks

Digital marketing as we know it is fundamentally changing. Marketers and industry watchers previously viewed digital marketing as simply one category within marketing — one tool of many in a marketer’s kit. Increasingly, perception is shifting to a more holistic view in which all marketing is part of the digital world.

No matter which tactics, channels, and strategies you adopt in 2015, remember that every touchpoint is an opportunity to improve and influence the digital customer journey. Your challenge (as many already know) is keeping abreast of the ever-expanding innovations in order to most effectively utilize them.

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