Salesforce drives business growth with key account management

salesforce-key-account-manaAs organizations try to be strategically significant to their customers, they inevitably realize the value and necessity of implementing a key account management program. The objective of a key account management program is “embeddedness”—that is, a successful key account management program will make you indispensable to your customer.

Key Account Management is a systematic process for managing key interactions and relationships with most valuable customers. It focuses on the creation, implementation, execution and evaluation of an overall plan to guide the account team in developing new relationships at the C-level, aligning the best resources to the most profitable opportunities and delivering what was promised.

Outside the traditional increase of share of wallet in existing customers, which is for many segments of the B2B sector the primary strategy for growth, an effective implementation of Key Account Management requires not only organizational and process changes but above all a change of mind.


A leading global engineering, networks and operations company featured among the top 30 outsourcing companies in the world.  It has 12,000+ employees across 38 global locations.

In one of the recent Salesforce implementations for a leading engineering & networks company, universal view of customer data across departments was critical, additionally there was increased dependency on multiple users and disparate systems. Management reporting was a challenge as customer data was managed in multiple spreadsheets.

Key account planning using at client end was a part of our implementation. We also created custom four-dimensional reports and dashboards (bubble charts) using Google API. Further provided secured data access across the organization using roles, permissions and Identity. Customized the UI as per their brand guidelines, Bodhtree has provided a feature to have a single view of all customer data with selective print options.

With this implementation the client has been benefitted with enhanced data security and confidentiality. Further unified and consistent view of customer data, automated key account management so that sales force could focus on revenue generation activities.

Introducing a key account management program is not always met with open arms by the sales force. People always want to know what’s in it for them. By structuring your program properly and communicating the benefits clearly, you can be sure that it will be embraced by both your customers and your employees.

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