Salesforce Implementation for Manufacturing Industries

Improved dealer and customer experience with

salesforce cloud crm implementationManufacturing businesses that utilize solutions have the opportunity to own and customize the customer and sales team experience. provides companies with the flexibility to create user friendly interfaces that are intuitive for naïve users as well.

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of cameras, copiers and printers maintains its leadership position by leveraging the latest technologies, consequently having the zeal for continuous innovation. They are using Salesforce to support sales and technical support functions.

The company had a Business Information Systems Group (BISG) that sells commercial imaging equipment via a network of 1,000+ dealers.  Their dealer support teams are responsible to help the Dealer Network close complex deals and provide product updates and enhancements per the needs of the end user.  The company was facing global competitive pressures in this space and found it difficult to continue to drive timely responses prior to the salesforce solution provided by us. This helped them ensure efficient and best in class sales closure rates.

We developed an integrated dealer experience to streamline sales, product and technical support functions as follows:

Keep Dealers Connected with self-service community portal

Bodhtree created a self-service community portal wherein dealers can quickly find the latest marketing and product collateral and instantly communicate with the client and one another via discussions forums.  This now facilitates peer to peer (dealer to dealer) support, vastly reducing the need for Client’s direct involvement while reducing resolution times by 35% and improving dealer satisfaction.

Highly searchable knowledge solution

The company holds a wealth of data within its various operating groups, but that data was located in highly disparate systems and not searchable from a central location.  We integrated data from across numerous enterprise systems and launched an easy to use, highly searchable knowledge solution that is accessible to both the company and its dealer network directly.  This has reduced response times and keep deals moving to shorten sales cycles.

Single cloud based platform

The company has offered best in class product, technical and sales support to its Dealer Network, however those teams operated in disparate systems.  This resulted in a disconnected dealer experience and reduced the ability to drive insights across the entirety of customer/dealer interactions.  We launched a single cloud based platform, accessible via mobile platforms and the desktop, for both support and sales functions and streamlined processes between the groups that has freed up 1-2 hours per day per rep.

With this solution, we’re able to create a unique experience for our esteemed customer. Some of the benefits from this implementation are shortened sales cycles resulting from more effective dealer management. The company’s dealer support is now mobile, social and geared toward to driving their dealer’s sales success. They have set the bar for its competitive landscape.

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