Enable Geotagging to access up-to-date data

Salesforce-GeotaggingBusinesses and organizations need to keep workers connected and productive wherever they go. Geotagging and mobile technology has made life incredibly and undeniably easy. Finding places, restaurants and stores was never this easy. Imagine the time when people used compasses and maps to get places! Our generation, on the other hand, is now living in complete obliviousness of such efforts, thanks to the smart technologies like geotagging.

In fact, the geotagging phenomenon has been integrated to our everyday lives. Many of the tech giants are now using geotagging for marketing and sales departments. The reason is that the technology helps them to maximize their ROI by allowing them to target their audience selectively according to specific data such as location and demographics.

Bodhtree’s Geotagging solution helps you track your field force productivity, verify customer visits and collect call details from a single platform. It’s a win-win solution for both sales representatives and managers because reps get a simple reporting solution to validate their performance, and managers get timely call reports and the ability to further improve business productivity. In addition to this it allows visibility into field sales activities with actionable business intelligence.

Being a cloud-based solution it provides sales teams with more accurate information, the ability to cross-sell, share information, and easily see which current customers are located nearby. Its aim is to create a more integrated sales organization, capable of selling bundled solutions that meet customer needs. It allows teams to collaborate, communicate and share media regardless of location. In addition, the geotagged group functionality has made search and discovery within the sales database more effective and proactive.

Furthermore it tracks your entire workforce automatically that have been registered on the system once through mobile phone. Organizations with employees in the field can see their exact locations on Google Maps in near real time, can check tour plan Vs actual, gather data from the field and can simplify the payroll process. It is fully integrated with Salesforce to monitor employee locations & customer calls. Additionally it prevents false reporting in the field and makes real-time decisions that deliver optimal service levels and generate reports to analyze and improve overall business performance.

Now, looking up information on a customer or product and displaying it on your tablet is easier than ever with geotagging solution. Using simple fields, users can return values stored in backend databases and use it for indexing data in real-time. This minimizes the time spent entering data, and the chances of it being entered incorrectly. Use map coordinates to validate the information. Look up an address by simply pointing to it on the map.

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