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CRM-Integration-for-EducatiCloud enables education institutions to focus on its core activities and ensure smooth operations improving the quality of the course content and administration. The educational institutions now have an option to leverage cloud based offerings in the market without the need to invest in procurement and maintenance of infrastructure. Adding to this, today within the higher education sector, competition, channels of engagement and essential expectations are all growing exponentially. Many institutions are struggling to keep up with the rate of change, a task made even more difficult by siloed, inflexible, or outdated technology.

What this adds up to for education institutions is the need to streamline operations, cut costs, enhance revenue generation activities and improve management.

According to Gartner, the goal for a system of engagement is “not only to provide service to customers as they move among communications channels—including social media—while retaining the customers’ context, but also to deliver the appropriate business rule to determine the next best action, information, or process with which to engage the customers.” Colleges and universities are adopting Salesforce solutions to do just that—alter the way they recruit and engage prospects, admit students, fundraise and reach out to alumni. Salesforce offers a way to track, manage, engage and automate many of the key tasks such as student enquiry management, alumni management, external relations & operations, allowing you to focus on important business decisions.

Educational institutions offering executive education programmes are deeply inclined towards increasing their outreach and streamlining their programme delivery by adopting innovative technology platforms. They are striving to increase collaboration between their faculty and clients, make strong connections with students and companies that sponsor them and design programmes that best fit the industry needs. Salesforce offers various ways of getting and keeping in touch with all your stakeholders.

This reminds me with a recent project that we worked on for a leading university in APAC region. Where the university was juggling with administrative challenges and needed a robust solution that could provide a unified view of their programme, faculty, students and alumni data and expand their outreach within corporates. Bodhtree leveraged to automate their sales, marketing, programme delivery and post-delivery support processes. Additionally, we provided an online review mechanism of their programmes through a web portal (Microsite) that fetched data in real time from Salesforce. Midas, our proprietary ETLE tool was used to pull the programme data from Salesforce into the web portal. This solution has two major components: an internal facing secure and customized Salesforce instance that caters to sales, marketing and programme delivery teams at the university; and an external facing microsite that caters to customers – essentially companies, learning department individuals and participants.

Key Benefits of the Solution

  • Seamless transition of programme information from sales to delivery while reducing cycle time and avoiding information loss that results in customer satisfaction
  • Speedy invoicing, customer communication and feedback mechanism for faculty through surveys
  • Optimization of constrained resources to arrive at key decisions based on revenue potential. For example: faculty and resource allocation to key accounts
  • Alignment and optimization of recruiting efforts
  • Greater focus on student services and success
  • A connected campus: improved relationships with students, faculty, alumni and corporates

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