Salesforce to improve collaboration in education

Salesforce-for-EducationThough the Education sector has seen significant transformation in the last decade, the challenges of high cost, limited reach and quality are still matters of grave concern. The Cloud might just prove to be the catalysts that will enable the sector overcome these barriers. The Education sector which has already embraced the use of the Cloud for email services could now consider moving critical applications such as Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Student Information System (SIS) into the Cloud. The Cloud promises to make the Education system more collaborative and innovative with unique resources readily available to all students. This could change the way in which education is delivered and financed.

The need for a customer relationship management (CRM) solution to manage relationships across the entire student lifecycle is a top priority on most campuses, driven by increased competition and the need to recruit and retain students more effectively. At the same time the opportunity to invest in on-demand solutions to simplify technology costs is growing. Institutions must provide ample connectivity and ensure security measures are in place.

As costs increase and students are offered more options, institutions are under pressure to improve the effectiveness of their recruitment and retention efforts, and will therefore place a renewed focus on meeting student expectations. A focus on student success and retention is critical to growing your college or university as well as your brand.

Studies show that 29% of educational institutions use messaging, conferencing and collaboration solutions, while 31% use cloud storage capabilities. These digits clearly point to the need of advanced computing systems to facilitate critical processes and create an ecosystem where remote students and educators can be connected in real time.

To overcome some of these challenges Colleges and Universities are adopting Salesforce solutions to alter the way they recruit and engage prospects, admit students, fundraise and reach out to alumni, manage housing, retain and support at-risk students, operate customer call centers, and meet an array of other service needs.

Salesforce solutions drive growth and success with campaign management, real-time analytics, web portals, and the ability to build custom applications without having to code.

Salesforce in education

Know your students better than ever

Provide a comprehensive 360-degree profile of every student from the prospect stage through graduation to alumni participation.

Augment recruiting efforts

Finding, rating and analyzing prospects and inquiries; managing recruitment events; driving applications; and engaging students across a variety of channels.

Expand outreach

Ability to expand outreach and connect with customers at multiple touch points across the sales cycle.

Collaboration in education

Create a culture of collaboration internally to deliver seamless student experience. Salesforce Chatter is a social tool that helps people and organizations collaborate instantly in context.

Leading university leveraged Salesforce to streamline lead management and increase outreach

This reminds me a recent Salesforce implementation that we did for a leading private non-profit international university to automate their lead management process. Incidentally, we also provided integration with Jenzabar ERP and College Net systems to reduce organizational silos and data dependency. We deployed Salesforce enterprise edition for about 40+ users enabling seamless operations across the university.

The university is now able to unify and manage inquiries from vendors, through direct mail and the website in With Bodhtree’s solution they were able to track number of admissions across locations improving their internal processes. Additionally dashboards helped them in driving customer success and allowing senior management know about the number of inquiries generated.

To learn more about how Bodhtree can help your organization/Institute enter the Cloud-age, visit our page or write to us at

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