Pictures speak louder than words

Digital Customer ExperienceHave you ever wondered why pictures, images, visuals captivate us? There is an ancient saying, we see – we do, we feel, and we understand. Psychologists say, that 93% of human communication is non-verbal. Our brains react differently to visual stimuli. Since time immemorial, images have been our means to understand the whys, whens and hows of existence. Ancient cave paintings were perhaps the first means of visual communication that was established even before any language existed. We humans think using pictures.

In this age of multimedia and mass communication, the potential of visual communication is slowly but surely being realized. With the rise in social platforms, blogging, live-tweeting and video streaming, the way you reach your audience is never going to be the same. Recent technological innovations with the advent of specific platforms have enabled creative and the non-creative associated with visual communications to present, learn and exchange information. For creative people many of these platforms have been a manna!

Artists and virtual marketplaces

Artists and virtual market places together have offered the connoisseurs of art a bounty! Never before in history has art ever been seen, appreciated and purchased on such a large scale. And never before in history have artists commanded the price and received it without any hassle.

Online marketplaces offer convenience and flexibility to consumers and businesses alike. These companies have made the process of buying and selling art anywhere in the world a cakewalk. These    e-commerce sites not only showcase new and varied artistic mediums they also empower artists to take charge of their business easily. Thanks to a potent combination of social networking and online shopping – amateur artists can now showcase their art, cultivate their own followers and achieve sales.

Web presence an integral part of business

With the advent of digital era the percentage of people going online to fulfill their needs right from grocery or a movie ticket to booking a doctor appointment and buying a high end electronic item is exponentially increasing by the day. Social presence of the organizations, mobile compatibility of their websites, innovative thought process with the use of analytics and a deep dive into the daily needs of the customers based on the business process areas would be the corner stones of success in the upcoming years. According the Gartner by the end of 2015 organizations would be generating around 50% of web sales via social presence and mobile applications.

Given the context with every other organization adapting mobility as their most coveted weapon in the digital arena, next biggest challenge would be how they would be molding themselves to be the leading market share winners in their respective business processes. Visual communication would be playing a pivotal role in grabbing the attention of people and would be one of the most intriguing, conjuring and dazzling ammunition to hit the bull’s eye with respects to sales targets. Interactive, innovative and illustrative web page designs would be the crowd pulling factor for each organization. Of course as this would help grabbing the first attention of the customers, it would be the optimal business methodologies and the grass root analysis of the areas of interests of the end users which is finally going to decide the market share of the organization. In an era where the markets are witnessing revolutionary ways of attracting the customers and innovative market capturing capabilities it is mandated that the organizations revamp their web sales capabilities to ensure that the “ presentation layer”( the look and feel of the home pages of the organization) are visually appealing and interactive. Also they should be indulging the look feel factor across the social software, mobile compatible applications and should be evangelizing innovative ideas that might be a trend setting online revolution an organization might possibly bring about.

Revamping the face of the organization via alluring interactive and visually galvanizing pieces on the home page is quite challenging, interesting and thought provoking. In fact, we recently helped our client redesign their website with an interactive layout without missing the technical robustness. In this journey we had umpteen opportunities to go through many innovative thought processes on turning a website into a visual spectacle. Right from an html tag to Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, every art piece has been a source of inspiration and innovation as it seized our customer’s enthralling expertise to the next level. Websites happen to be the face of business today, and apart from being visually attractive, it should be thought provoking, feature rich and should convey the core motto of the business in a very novel way.

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