Nurture your network in the Cloud!

Cloud-CRMData is the central point of everything that we do in your business. It also plays as an engine that drives you to make the right decisions. In personal and professional world networking is not only to have meetings with people but also keeping contacts alive over a period of time. The biggest challenge today is maintaining and knowing your personal and professional contacts up to date and at one place.

I am sure many of us face some of the below mentioned challenges in managing our personal and professional contacts. So let us go back and see some of the common situations that we face in our daily routine where we end up having no solution to this.

  • Contacting common friends to find out right contact numbers
  • Lost contact book from our system/mobile phones
  • Lost mobile phones or changed new numbers
  • Change laptops/desktops that has contacts stored in a spreadsheet
  • Pulling social data for deeper view of customer data
  • Preparing for the customer meetings

Contact management can no longer be done effectively with spreadsheets. To succeed in today’s competitive digital landscape you need a Web-based contact management software that delivers a 360-degree view of your customers, including activity history, customer communications, internal discussions, and even social data. It should also allow to track your customers’ history from contact to contract, so you’ll be fully prepared for every meeting and every opportunity. So devise a system to ensure that not too much time passes before you connect with your contacts. Further, with the proliferation of social media tools these days such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, it’s never been easier to keep in touch with professional and personal contacts.

Every time I came across the above situations, I promised myself to become more organized. This reminds me of an incident some time back when I met one of my close acquaintances in a get together, where I expressed with the group that we should often meet and have these get-togethers to stay connected. On this my friend gave a very strong advice that I should get a system to organize all my personal and professional contacts to avoid unanswered calls in future. As My friends knew that I don’t attend unknown numbers/calls. After this incident I decided that being in this digital age I should better be organized to fix some of these regular mishaps to stay connected in both professional and personal worlds.

Towards this I have taken a step ahead and spent almost 72 mins entering all the phone contacts / scanning cards, got all the contact information from my contact book, loaded to my phone and uploaded onto the cloud and set the auto backup every day. Every time I exchange card now, I scan the card immediately after the meeting and contacts get downloaded automatically now.

Cloud CRM helps you

  • To know every contact in your customer accounts and access critical customer data
  • Get deeper view of your customers by pulling in their social data such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  • Collaborate with everyone across the company allowing you to share insights with your peer members
  • Prepare for customer meeting with confidence while on the go

After that many times it rained but my cloud came handy in all the times, Hats off to the cloud system now. Make sure that your data is helping you make smarter, quicker business decisions, not slowing you down with inaccuracies and unreliable information that you have to work around.

So how are you managing your contacts? Share with us your experiences and thoughts!

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