Transform and automate employee engagement

Service-CloudToday, employee engagement is empowering companies to connect with their employees providing social & mobile experiences. As per a recent study by Gallup it is found that 70 percent of employees are disengaged. This means that about 30 percent of employees care about customers, colleagues and the business. Companies must recognize there has been a shift in employee expectations. Consumer technology has transformed the way employees connect to each other and consume information. Today, employees have come to expect that same level of engagement, service, convenience and instant access to the information and resources they need to be successful.

Companies are creating game-changing customer engagement by reimagining what’s possible through the power of cloud, social, mobile and data science technologies. Customers are more connected and they want effortless and seamless access to different systems and apps that they use every day. Unfortunately the legacy business technology options doesn’t deliver the connected employee experience resulting employees left disengaged and less productive. And in today’s mobile world they want to be able to take action from anywhere. Companies needs to tackle better customer experience via employee engagement. It’s no surprise that many companies have successfully invested in the customer experience to drive ROI. But the best organizations are taking a step ahead and focusing on the true foundation of customer service: the contact center agent experience.

An interesting article in Forbes quoted an example about users of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems face a similar adoption and usage challenge. The harsh reality – 50 percent of all CRM implementations fail. Badgeville implemented a “Big Game Hunter” program for Salesforce to increase usage and engagement with the system. Sales people started out at “Chicken Hunters” and worked their way up to bigger and bigger game statuses, as they utilized more and more of the CRM system’s features. For one customer, compliance increased over 40 percent. To hire, retain the and best and brightest companies need to engage employees at every step of their lifecycle.

CRM to streamline HR processes

With CRM streamlining HR service delivery processes, creating an HR help desk, equipping HR reps with a 360-degree employee view, and even empower employees with a self-service community is automated.

According to Bluewolf’s latest report, one-third of companies cited improving the employee experience as a top objective for 2016. To make improvements, it’s crucial to understand the employee experience as more than key performance indicators (KPIs), like employee engagement and turnover rate. It’s time to start thinking of service agents as customers themselves.

It’s time to start thinking about customer experience and employee engagement strategy in tandem. Outside the workplace, today’s employees are consumers of intuitive, user-focused digital products — such as iPhones and Uber — whose hallmarks are easy-to-use interfaces. Consumers have no patience for digital tools that are hard to use; 90% of users report abandoning apps due to poor performance alone.

Best way to improve employee experience

Although employees’ expectations continue to rise, their daily tasks are not getting easier. From the same Bluewolf report, employees cite data management as their most time-consuming task, and 70% report having to enter the same data into multiple systems to do their jobs. Customer service organizations simply cannot afford to put employee experience second. Choosing the right cloud platform will resolve all the problems in employee engagement. Here are 7 places to initiate employee engagement :

  • Onboarding – Accelerate employee productivity through training and information sharing
  • Recruiting – Run a more collaborative and effective recruiting process
  • Alumni relations – Extend the reach to the alumni group
  • Helpdesk – answer questions and resolve problems faster
  • Learning and growth – create and track personalized goals and learning plans
  • Engagement apps – Build and deploy the mobile apps employees need to be successful, tying into the company’s business processes.

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