Analytics helps retailers stay ahead of smarter consumers

Retail Data analyticsToday, digital emergence is creeping into retail sector in an amazing way. Being in touch with customer continuously is essential and no retailer can afford to estrange its customer. Retail analytics, cloud, social and mobile solutions are must in today’s world to succeed. Unlike age-old days, It is cheaper, faster and easier today to store and process more data than ever before. Retailers have grown better at data management. Question is, how well are they able to leverage insights from this analysis to drive strategic decisions? (more…)

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Tap human capital potential to align with business strategy and workforce performance

HR AnalyticsDeveloping high performing workforce is a primary challenge that is fronting by most of the companies today. At the same time organizations are also struggling to know about their workforce to optimize the workforce lever. Organizations have to often contend with high attrition rates, a shrinking talent pool and the pressure to sustain employee engagement. Against such a backdrop, many organizations find it challenging to focus on making human resource management processes more cost-efficient. (more…)

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Visual analytics: Making sense out of data

Visual-AnalyticsGone are the days when Business Intelligence tools were limited to just spreadsheets and reports with facts and figures. Visual analytics has emerged as the fastest way to understand data and transform information into action. It combines automated analysis techniques with interactive visualization tools to effectively understand any complex data and further help in reasoning and taking right decisions basing on the datasets. (more…)

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Data analytics: A look ahead for 2016

Bodhtree-Analytical-ServiceWhat’s in for analytics?

With big data technologies moving ahead quickly data analytics is not just a trend but a new way of business life. The potential of analytics lies in speed and efficiency. It gives the opportunity to spot trends in customer behavior and respond quickly. With the amount of data expanding, the analytics and big data sector has seen a robust growth over the last five years. This will hold true in 2016 as well.

Let us take a snappy peep at some of the significant analytics trends to look for in 2016. (more…)

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