Nurture your network in the Cloud!

Cloud-CRMData is the central point of everything that we do in your business. It also plays as an engine that drives you to make the right decisions. In personal and professional world networking is not only to have meetings with people but also keeping contacts alive over a period of time. The biggest challenge today is maintaining and knowing your personal and professional contacts up to date and at one place. (more…)

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Cloud is here to stay

CRMThese days the world is moving ‘in the cloud’. You can build social, mobile and real-time employee apps and run them in cloud. From social media platforms to instantaneous access to information on smartphones, there has been a tremendous growth in the app economy.

From a stand-alone app for salespeople to an essential front office platform focusing on every customer interaction, Cloud technology has evolved through a number of phases like grid and utility computing, application service position (ASP) and software as a service (SaaS). (more…)

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