Blackberry Story – Lessons that we can learn

Black Berry Mobile Apps

To say that 2011 was a tough year for BlackBerry manufacturer and former tech darling RIM would be an understatement. While there’s no shortage of customers, investors, and writers happy to jump on the RIM-bashing bandwagon, not all that long ago, the company was a pioneer. Before “smartphone” entered the vernacular, I remember the average person referring to anything that wasn’t a “dumb” phone as a BlackBerry. One of my early smartphones was a Windows mobile device, and I’d often have people ask, “You don’t have BB?” (more…)

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Future of Mobility Market Trends

Today mobility has redefined the technology trends and apps are fast moving to mobile devices for greater end user experience, at the same time improving quality of life. The new mobile Apps are simple, easy, and enables greater time and cost rationalization. There are things to look forward as, How fast things can change and how quickly mobile innovations can alter the competitive and business landscape in the mobility arena today. Mobile computing technology has broken all barriers related to “perceived superiority”. (more…)

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