Manufacturers responding to digital and cloud revolution

Cloud-and-Digital-adoption-Manufacturing industry is undergoing a major revolution which is driven by smart technologies and IT, particularly cloud computing. The digital revolution is now breaching the walls of manufacturing as it continues to disrupt media, finance, consumer products, healthcare and other sectors. According to Mckinsey report digital manufacturing technologies will transform every link in the manufacturing value chain, from research and development, supply chain and factory operations to marketing, sales and service departments. (more…)

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Website benchmarking – an investment towards digital transformation!

wEbsite benchmarkingWebsites are an ever- evolving marketing tool with new features, trends and requirements coming up every year. Certainly it’s impractical to plan on a new website every year, but there are many ways you can build longevity into your site without having to undergo a major overhaul every time. From mobile-friendly and responsive design to easy content management systems, (more…)

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Moving forward with digital enterprise

Digital-EnterpriseTechnology is the heart of every business. And as this technology continues to progress, it becomes important to keep pace with the ever-present change. This is the era of digital transformation where search for improvement is constant with every innovation.

The true essence of a digital enterprise

Does that call for understanding and mastering technological advances? Well, it is that and even more. Digital transformation is a step beyond technology. (more…)

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Pictures speak louder than words

Digital Customer ExperienceHave you ever wondered why pictures, images, visuals captivate us? There is an ancient saying, we see – we do, we feel, and we understand. Psychologists say, that 93% of human communication is non-verbal. Our brains react differently to visual stimuli. Since time immemorial, images have been our means to understand the whys, whens and hows of existence. Ancient cave paintings were perhaps the first means of visual communication that was established even before any language existed. We humans think using pictures. (more…)

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